Day Spa Consumer Guide

Day Spa GuideAre you seeking a great way to get in shape? If so, you might well be contemplating joining a Health Spa, where members work to improve their mental and physical condition through exercise, weight control, and other treatments. While many appreciate the use of Spas and frequently use, others have written to the Federal Trade Commission with Grievances.

Not surprisingly, the most frequent criticisms concern high pressure sales tactics, misrepresentations about facilities and Spa Services, and failure to honor cancellation and refund clauses when Spas (occasionally) go out of business.
Nevertheless, it is simple to avoid disappointment if you find out about the Spa in progress including facilities, contractual requirements, their joining fees and Spa Services before joining.

Guidelines for comparison shopping for a Health Spa:

  • Scrutinize the Spa
  • Only visit during the special hours you would generally use the Spa to assess whether it’s overcrowded during that period of time.
  • Note the facilities’ cleanliness and state.

Questions worth posing:

“Is there a trial period during which I can try the facilities and Spa Services free of charge?”

“What qualifications or unique training do your instructors have?”

“What hours will I have the ability to use the Health Spa?”

  • A Spa may not be closed all week, but may be restricted to guys on women and some days on others.

“How many members do you have? Is there a limit to the number of people who can join?”

  • Many Spas usually do not establish a membership limit, so do bear in mind that while the Health Spa may not be crowded during your visit, this state may well transform notably if the Health Spa is not old.

Contemplate Contracts Carefully

Some Health Spas ask you to join instantly, although you might well be offered specific time-limited rates as an incentive.  However, if you wait for a couple of days you might make a better choice. Do take the contract home and read it attentively.

Before you sign it try to answer these questions, remember:

Is everything the salesperson assured written in the contract? If a problem appears after you join, the contract will likely regulate the dispute.  If something isn’t written in the contract, don’t count on it being resolved.

Is there a ‘cooling-off’ period? Some Health Spas offer several days to reconsider your decision to join, after the contract has been signed by you.

Can you get a refund if you should cancel?
If you simply desire to discontinue using the Spa or go, can you get out of your contract or get a refund? This is especially important if you select a long-term membership.

Can you join for a brief period of time only? It may be to your advantage join for just a couple trial months and to pay a bit more cash. That way, if you are not appreciating the membership or using it as you intended, you will not be given to several years of payments.

Can you afford the payments? Consider the finance charges and annual percentage rates when you calculate the total cost of your membership. Do calculate this price on a weekly, daily and monthly basis each week.

Before you join a Health Spa, you may wish to contact your local consumer protection office, state Attorney General, or Better Business Bureau to learn if they have received any complaints about the Health Spa. You also can contact these offices for assistance, if difficulties arise after you join.

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